Cordial Public Relation

Six Point Plan is a type of strategic plan which is used in public relations. The plan is used by companies as well as external consultancies for formulating strategies before launching a product. The plan helps in formulating a comprehensive and researched plan focusing on all the aspects of the project and also it reduces the possibility of failure and overspending. The plan is made up of 6 steps as stated below:
Top Shop is one of the most successful chain stores mainly operating in the clothing segment. The store of Top Shop in Oxford Street, London is it is one of the flagship stores of the chain. It is regarded as the world’s largest store in the fashion range. The new products launched by Top Shop are generally launched in its Oxford Street Store.
This time, Top Shop will be launching a range of make-up this month. The Top Shop make up items consists of makeup for eyes, nail, skin, lips, etc. The new range of makeup will add more spice to the existing list with the addition of more colors, spirited collection of fashion brights, in luxe professional finishes. As discussed earlier, the news is definitely great since they hired Kate Moss as the principal endorser of their clothing products (Topshop, n.d.).
The SWOT analysis of the situation shows that the Top Shop store situated in the Oxford Street area is a large and famous store. The store has a range of items made available by the retail store. The popularity, capacity, and location of the store make it a popular destination among the visitors. Therefore, this popularity should be encashed by putting emphasis on the flagship store location in a promotional campaign. The store and the retail chain are very popular among the youth and fashionable people. The use of Kate Moss as their brand ambassador has made a tremendous impact. This&nbsp.popularity has to be utilized to attract the crowd in the product launching event. A separate shop floor has to be created with new products.