Corporate America in the Global Market

Corporate America is a gigantic entity – one which literally rules the roost when the talk goes out loud concerning the global regimes. However, the success has come with its share of problems and discrepancies as well. There have been occasions when the workforce has just not been good enough. (Gray, 2000) Also, the fact that this workforce has relied heavily on the adequate usage of the resources at hand is another quagmire that the American business fraternities have found themselves within. The manner in which Corporate America has brought about a huge drift within its global business operations is an example in its own right and one that deserves its due share of acclaim and applauds, however, the significance of having diverse workforce regimes is one aspect that needs to be understood within the proper contexts.

The American workforce depends a great deal on the way in which workers perform their duties and remain committed to the growth potentials of the business. It does not really matter if the workers are full-time employees or contingent and part-time ones. What is needed and looked upon is the manner in which employees work towards attaining the goals and objectives of the business and provide benefits to the eventual position of the organization. This is the single most quintessential basis for the workforce to identify with and no other aspect is deemed in the same vein when it comes to the amount of significance that the workforce could exhibit on any given day. (Peterson, 2002) If the American corporation has a major share of temporary workers within its fold, it is of paramount essence that the organization’s own culture is strong and there are no apprehensions on this basis whatsoever. This is because the organization’s culture lays the foundation stone for their devotion and workplace performance levels to a higher magnitude.