Corporate Ethics and Governance

Greenpeace has alleged that the soybean producers have not adhered to the environmental requirements that 80 percent of the rainforest area should be kept in their natural format. This act can be considered as a violation of the legal provisions. Another complaint by Greenpeace is that there is an increasing incidence of ‘bonded-labour’ in the region by using a debt-bondage. The poorly paid workers are lured by the ranchers and are bound under "conditions analogous to slavery". It may be noted that in the year 2005 there were 4133 slaves who were freed from bonded-labour. It may be noted that Amazon is the most diverse expanse of intact forest in the world and that already 15 to 20 percent of the total area of 4.1 million square kilometers of forest are already destroyed. It is also feared that further areas would be put to danger by the change in the climate.
According to the libertarian theory, the role of the government is paramount in protecting the life, liberty, and property of citizens against any interference by the fellow citizens. Any rational person in order to ensure this protection out of self interest would join hands with fellow citizens for securing this protection. In fact the quality of rational self interest compels a person to join any association which has as its purpose securing the protection of life, liberty, and property.
"In a few words, they believe that individual freedom is the fundamental value that must underlie all social relations, economic exchanges and the political system." (Martin Masse)
Considering the principles evolved in the libertarian theory, the action of Greenpeace in opposing to the action of McDonald’s indulging indirectly in destroying the rainforests of Amazon for growing soy-based animal feed used by these chains for fattening the chicken can be considered as pushing the protection under the libertarianism. However libertarians would expect the respective governments to promulgate environmental regulations to protect the Amazon rainforests.
Egalitarianism while acknowledging the claim of rights by libertarianism valid, goes a step further in extending the terms of the social contract to include certain rights which are termed as ‘opportunity rights’.
The assumptions under Egalitarianism claim that the rational persons would choose a social contract with terms that not only provide for libertarian protection but also would ensure that individuals are provided with a share of primary goods, where primary goods includes food, shelter, security and some discretionary income. The purpose of such share of primary goods is to provide for a decent life.
When the principles of egalitarianism are considered in this case of McDonald’s involving itself