“Corporate Social Responsibility

Walmart and MSC Initiative"Marine Stewardship Council is a nonprofit organization that has dedicated its operations to ensure sustainable fishing (MSC, 1998). Their mission states, that they are focused, contribute towards the health of the oceans and bring about environmental and economic benefit.&nbsp.
MSC was set up in London in 1997. Since MSC was inception, it has experienced rapid growth and focused on its role in promoting sustainable fisheries. The organization is able to counter this through the establishment of concrete criteria and principles for fisheries assessment. To ensure credibility, MSC follows the UNFAO guidelines that govern eco-labeling of fish and any products related to the marine capture fisheries. MSC takes the role of an accreditor and facilitator through the provision of a framework and guidelines regarding sustainable fishery. Most at times, the organization does not involve itself in the whole physical process of certifying fisheries. they focus on endorsing the list of ASI (Accreditation Services International) for the companies that show the capability of engaging in the process.
In 2006, Walmart announced the availability of MSC product in their stores. Walmart is one of the largest American multinational retail corporations whose main significance is to help people save money and live better lives within the global context. It came into operation in the early 1960s having been founded by&nbsp.Douglas McMillon, operates a chain of stores, and warehouses whose main headquarters are in Arkansas. Walmart operates in close to thirty countries all over the world and has various business units&nbsp.that seek to make a difference in the community.&nbsp.Moreover, Walmart observes the culture of integrity and have different resources to empower and educate the workers on how to make ethical decisions (Krieg, 2013).&nbsp.&nbsp.MSC has three core principles and criteria that define what sustainable fishing entails.&nbsp.