Corporate Strategy and Competition Law

This analysis shall also include an assessment of whether there are any competition law or antitrust issues which will need to be addressed in the application of this strategy in corporations.
Information technology is one of the fastest technologies currently available to man. It is pervasive and it is also a diverse technology and is currently accessible to almost all individuals. The internet, cellular phones, and other digital media have all made the world a much smaller place. What used to be oceans or hours of plane ride away is now just a mouse click away through one’s computer. Transactions can now be carried out without parties having to meet personally with each other. Corporations who take advantage of information technology are likely to save on cost and are likely to reach a wider consumer base. Information technology now resolves the issues of advertising and marketing which used to limit corporations in terms of coverage and impact. With the advent of social networking, information technology is now in a higher level of coverage – its possibilities are limitless and for corporations, it also means that their reach and potential for profit and competitive advantage can be limitless.