Create a Professional Development Plan

e public policies for school emergency and crisis response plan have become the basic need for healthy growth of children, but the realties are different by lack management about the serious issue. To overcome any type of crisis, the schools need supporting policies for comprehensive and cohesive approaches for the four important elements (prevention, preparedness, intervention and recovery) for the effective crisis response. Crisis response development plan include the support of trained staff, community collaborations and the relief organization (NASP, 2009).The purpose of comprehensive-crisis-management policies is to prepare the school administration and the staff for appropriate response against violation cases, criminal activities or natural disasters in the schools. The policies to overcome the issues of school emergency should be highly efficient by including the strategies of preventions and interventions taken by the school staff. It is a fact that the tragic incidents happen very quickly in the school boundaries, which needs quick and effective steps to handle these issues. Sometime the crisis is not as severe as the rumors hurt the students’ minds, so there need precautions to cool down the situation at the schools. The training of the staff should be very skillful to handle the situations of criminal gangs, violations, disasters, etc. the crisis management plan includes the facilities of medical aids, help of law enforcement agencies, highly alert security, etc to take rapid and quick actions against any type of negative issue (Council, 2014). There are some schools that have the proper plans and facilities to tackle the major disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, fire burnings, etc. same it is, many schools do not plan to take actions against any kind of accidental situation, which is not a good sign for the child development and his mental growth during his school hours. Sometime the criminal minded students hurt the student unusually, which is