Create a Project Proposal

..7 References…………………………………………………………………………….7 ABSTRACT The focus of this project proposal is the development of a new paging system that will be both efficient and effective for the needs of Tufts Health Plan. The proposal is an overview of what is required for the project research. It justifies the choice of this project and sets the objective for the research. The proposal identifies the most suitable approach towards achieving the aims of this project. The proposal, in order to be complete, draws out an estimated timeline for the proposed research and development of the entire paging system. NEW PAGING SYSTEM PROJECT DESCRIPTION The new paging system project seeks to create a new system for Tufts Health Plan that is network based and managed through use of servers. The new software will be installed on servers whereby clients who are authorized by the systems administrator will be able to page support staff and key heads of the department in case of trouble OBJECTIVE OF THE RESEARCH The objective for the research into the new paging system project is the development of a network based paging system that will enable fast efficient paging of staff members. The project aims to enable fast and agile communication among staff members of the Tufts Health plan. The project research seeks to solve the problems posed by the stand alone system. These problems include inefficient communication, slow response to emergencies. Time wastage brought about by needing to access the support desk in case of an event so that they can page the relevant parties. JUSTIFICATION OF THE STUDY The reason for choosing this project is to provide a system that can aide in the saving of lives and treatment of the sick. Therefore the new paging system will provide for users in the Tufts health plan a better means of communication and paging framework for its staff. Cases of unattended emergency situations due to the standalone system will be reduced. Staff will be able to be notified from different points in the organization and thus work faster and more efficiently. It will enable the different departments in the organization to be able to deal with its own issues rather than try access the single point paging system at the support desk. APPROACH TO THE STUDY The approach to this project will be based on existing software development methodologies. The most suitable methodology will be determined with more in depth research into the problem. The beginning point of the project will be gathering requirements for the new system at the Tufts health plan and research on the exact needs of the different departments in the organization. The next step will be to analyse the requirements and develop feature lists for ease of development of use cases the system. After establishing a proper foundational system analysis I will move into system design and develop the class diagrams and the whole design of the system accompanying them with appropriate logical diagrams. The next phase of the project will be the implementation and testing of the system, which will finally lead us to successful deployment of the system.(Pressman,2010) The presentation of the system will be the endpoint for the