Creating Academic and Professional Success

1. I want to be an active part of people’s, management, professionals, and workers, dreams
2. To better get to know what my chosen job entails I will do my research and make interviews of those in active practice.
3. I have the enthusiasm and interest in the profession but this is not enough. I need to lay the foundations of learning and knowledge from the best school and the best professors.
II. The Profession: It s Marketability and Requirements
A. The Marketability pertains to the professions need requirements and other channels of work in the future.
1. Industry trends
(1) As long as there are businesses there will always be a constant need for Business Administration Managers
(2) The anecdote is proof of how essential business administration managers are to the company and as such job security is not an issue.
2. Salary and benefits
(1) Certificate courses in business yield a salary of 50,000 what more diploma graduates
(2) Higher pay is expected as one’s experience grows. The rate will depend on negotiations with the company or organization.
B. The Requirements lists the necessary educational background needed to qualify.
1. Business Administration Management
(1) Degrees
(2) Certifications
III. The Business Administration Managers in active practice.
A. Interview a Business Administration Manager that is company based
1. Determine the experience needed
2. Ask if he is self-fulfilled
B. Interview a Business Administration Manager that is based on the educational institution
1. Determine the experience needed
2. Ask if he is self-fulfilled
IV. Assimilation of Profession and Impressions regarding the interview.
A. An assimilation of the job analysis and acceptance of the profession
B. Assimilation and choice of profession: practice or teaching
IV. Conclusion
A. Restatement of the three main points
B. Summarize the ideas in the assimilation
C. In the end, self-fulfillment and gratification are of utmost importance in the planning of one’s future. This will bring true happiness. Happiness in one’s work makes a person creative and a productive member of society.