Creation of a Potential Chartable Organization Web Page

In a bid to have our services reach a wider coverage and enable us reach as many needy children as possible, the need to develop a website for our organization came in.
To cover a wider area in terms of service delivery, quicken the service delivery, help get contact with the needy without the knowledge about our organization, create awareness of the existence of our organization and its services, reduce the cost of accessing our information by eliminating the physical availing of oneself at our premises.
This website in itself offers plenty of positives that make it a better option in improving our services delivery. The advantages of this site transcend beyond the borders. They include the following benefits.
The website is user friendly. This website offers a very user friendly interface that makes it easy for people with limited computer knowledge to easily use it. The website’s interface is very simple thus aiding easier use.
The website also offers cheaper option in information elicitation. As opposed to being physically present at the organization’s premises, the website helps save the cost of travel since a user can access it at the comfort of their homes without necessarily traveling to the premises.
The website also makes the response services easily achievable. This is because needy persons may have made an enquiry about our contact from wherever they are. Having this website makes it easy to give feedback to them regardless of their geographical location.
The website can also act as a contact point between our organization and other charitable organizations and agencies. Another organization may need to make contact with ours. With this website it’s very easy since they can contact us even online without necessarily looking for our physical location
This website has several hyperlinks that lead to those various pages. These are also web pages also contain different