Creative Writing Rebeca

I was always there beside him, keeping my head on his shoulder and felt his breath. Every morning and every night no matter what season was it, there was just one reflection I saw in his eyes and that was me and only me. One night, nature planned to throw in the reflection of someone else in his eyes… Maxim smiled by uttering a name which was not mine… it was not Rebecca and I have to make her pay for the rancor. Her dreams, her silence, her words…. I never left any part of her alone. I made her stand outside the iron gates of Manderley and I had powers never to let the locks get ajar. No one could accompany my Maxim and she was particularly trying to get into his head and banish me from there. No lady…..I made a pledge… it is I who is going to stay there like the ivy never leaving the walls it has once crept. It was I who did not let the smoke from the chimneys appear, made her walk on the twisting, turning, paths full of thorn so her feet swelled and pricked and bleed and narrow and so unwelcoming. The trees, the branches, the roots….. I made it all so difficult for her. So she had to feel the suffocation. I am there, my footsteps is what she could hear… I approached her by making the branches crossed before her and the indecipherable trees which made her feel lost and alone… I made her feet feel the pain my soul did. And I enjoyed when her skin torn off and she yelled with pain but something got out of my power and she stepped on the green soft grass… which tried to embrace her, soothe her and wipe off the dust. I felt so feeble. all I was able to do with her now was to make her sense like an invader who has never been on these lands before. With every step she took I was there…… With every step she took I was there…and I made the paths so long for her that she walked and walked and walked but they never came to an end. I had to make her lost in the maze of life so she could leave my Maxim and me all alone. I looked after our Manderley and never let it loose its beauty. I did not let Manderley lose its silence, its magic, the vibrancy of the green lawns, the soothing winds, the calming waves and the high walls. No cloud could vague the appearance of the sky in Manderley. Everything there was set and kept good care of as I was there waiting for Maxim. O… but I forgot that the lady so bitter as her presence was for me still stood there, looking at our home which could never belong to her so I made the woods appear like monsters to her, with their sharp and rough branches clinging out from everywhere. All were standing there and yelling for her to leave, even I ordered the ivy to make beautiful sights appear for her as filthy and grim as it could be but nothing moved her feet back. To move them back I ordered the ivy to make the daffodils disappear and make her go… she can never approach in my space… and the nettles did play their roles too but she was standing unresponsive to all my efforts which made me fuming. O yes! But I made her feel that I am there. That the house was never empty and it breathes and lives with me there. The paleness on her face made me feel satisfied towards the fear that I wanted to see in her eyes. She was stunned and could not move and in her dreams too I made her feel helpless and unmoved. When I heard her heart throbbing with fear and feeling my presence and her mind filled with questions which no one could answer but me…. I felt like a queen. And I was a queen of Manderley for sure and of