Criminal justice careers

Criminal Justice Careers A of my career A career profession of my choice within the criminal justice system would be that of a judge. A judge presides over court trials and hearings, upholds both the legal and constitutional rights of those involved in the legal process, and most importantly supervise legal proceedings (Cecil 2006). A fundamental role played by a judge is in ensuring that trials are carried out in accordance to the outlined procedures and rules which entail. determining how evidence will be submitted and how testimony will be given. An annotated web link related to the profession of a judge This education link essentially describes the profession of being a judge, outlining fundamental roles carried out by a judge in the legal process. Besides, this link outlines various stages both in terms of education and experience that one must go through to attain the position of being a judge. These stages to land on such a career include. attending an undergraduate school, earning a degree in law, becoming a lawyer, obtaining judgeship, and completing a state-administered training on judgeship. A database article related to judgeship as a career The above article from the database of federal judges outlines the basic procedure that one must fulfill in order to become a federal judge. According to this article, federal judges are nominated by the president of the United States of America and subsequently confirmed by the Senate. Multiple steps to this process include. nomination of a candidate to the judicial seat by the president, a questionnaire is filled by the candidate and reviewed by the judiciary committee of the Senate, a hearing is constituted to interview the candidate, the committee votes either to return or approve the candidate (Cecil 2006).Professional associations that could support me in this profession American Judicature Society. which composes of nonpartisan group of judges, citizens, and lawyers with the main mission of working towards better judicial selection, effectiveness, and ethics within the criminal justice. This association publishes articles on an annual basis on ethics within the judicial system. American Civil Liberties Union. which is an interest group comprising majorly of members of the civil society and other interested legal experts with the main mission of utilizing all possible means to preserve the rights of human beings, particularly before the criminal justice system. Publications of this association are periodic reports on unfairness cases within the judicial system. American Society of Criminology. which has the main mission of scholarly study of crime incidences. This association is primarily composed of college professors. It provides publications on crime incidences on an annual basis. Legal code associated with the profession of a judge Canon 3 is a legal code in the State of Washington that states A judge shall not carry out the Judge’s extrajudicial and personal activities to reduce the risk of conflict with the obligations of judicial office (Cecil 2006). Laws contained here include. the law of extrajudicial activities in general, the law of appointments to governmental positions, and the law against affiliation with discriminatory organizations. Reference:Cecil, M. (2006). An Introduction to the Legal Profession. New York: Wards Worth.