(Criminology) Describe common forms of youth crime how these are influenced by adolescent development and factors associated with this period of the life course and how they generally change over time Discuss the issue of persistent juvenile offenders

According to research findings regarding Crime victimisation, youth offenders and youth victims it was found that physical assault was one of the most common form of assault experienced by the young population during the period 2009 – 2010. The average age of youth offenders was estimated to be between 10 and 24 years for the year 2009 – 2010 in Australia (ABS, 2012). Studies have indicated that juvenile delinquency undergo change over time and that only some offenders continue to indulge in criminal activities during their adulthood (Elrod &amp. Ryder, 2011. Burnfeind &amp. Bartusch, 2011). Some researchers have indicated that such change in criminal behaviour is observed due to various factors such as change in life circumstances, or a mere change in neighbourhood, or due to transition from adolescence to adulthood, increase / improvement in stability, etc (Laub &amp. Sampson, 2003. Piquero et al., 2005).
Also it is observed and consistently substantiated through research that those who choose to lead deviant lifestyles often fall victim to violent crimes against them, thus indicating the role of deviant lifestyles on the increased risk of victimization (Nofziger, 2009).
The adult community has historically been overly concerned regarding the attitudes and behaviour of the young population in the society and its implications on their communities. The fears of rising crime rates tends to threaten the harmonious environment and acts a barrier towards the establishment of a peaceful, safe, and favourable social environment. This essay on juvenile delinquency aims to discuss various key issues concerning the various common forms of youth crimes, the factors which influence such behaviour among the adolescents, and the issue of persistent juvenile offenders in general.
According to available statistics some of the most common forms of youth crimes include