Crisis Situations In Organization And Its Management

The top executives are the ones that made the news in 2007 for mismanagement and white-collar crime.
Workplace violence recorded the biggest increase of any of the 16 crisis types ICM tracks. The types of crises that ICM tracks are the following: catastrophes, casualty accidents, environmental, class action lawsuits consumer activism, defects&amp. recalls, discrimination, executive dismissal, financial damages, hostile takeover, labor disputes, mismanagement, sexual harassment, whistleblowers, white-collar crime and workplace violence.
It is impressive that product defects and recalls rise up to 44% over the year before.
The most crisis-prone industries in 2007 were: software makers, pharmaceutical companies, petroleum refining, natural gas companies, security brokers/dealers, banking, telecommunications, automobile manufacturing, airlines, and computer manufacturers.
It should be referred that petroleum refining and natural gas companies belong to the engineering industry. In 2007 petroleum refining and natural gas companies were ranked in the third and fourth position accordingly to the most crisis-prone industries but there are no elements as to which type of crises they were more prone to.
In the engineering industry belongs to the construction industry. There is no evidence for construction industry crises. Nonetheless, construction industry crises are strongly related to financial crises which happen every ten years approximately. The effect is a slowdown in construction industry activities. The most recent crisis in this sector is the one that started in 2006 and continues up to now.
Nine out of the ten of the above industries repeated from the previous year. The new ones are auto manufacturers.
The nature of crises remains the same i.e. no new type of crisis appeared.