Critical Analysis(film)

You are asked to submit a 2-3 pages analysis of one of the films studied during the interlude. The purpose of this assignment is to provide a thoughtful and critical interpretation of the film and readings to explore course concepts and ideas. You will pick one film from the list below and analyze it using one of the concepts of film aesthetics you have learned in class. Your thesis should be something narrow enough to befit the page length requirement. Think about how a particular use of a specific cinematic aesthetic, technique, or element in a film supports it to achieve a certain effect.For instance, you might analyze the use of editing in Whiplashand discuss how it induces anxiety to the audience through its editing. Or you might analyze the use of cinematography in Moonlight and discuss how character’s perspective is shown visually.You may use outside sources but you don’t have to. Make sure to properly cite the source, both in-text and within your works cited list. according to MLA guidelines.REQUIREMENTS Two to three pages of writing One page for Works Cited List Times New Roman font 12 Point font size Double-spaced One-inch margins Use a header for your name and UID only Film titles must be italicized. Do not underline or place them in quotations. MLA format for film titles and citation.FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC 1⁄2 GRADE REDUCTION.FILMS TO SELECT FROMThe LunchboxThe FallHeroMoonlightWhiplashThree Colors: BlueParis Is Burning22/03/202025socialscience