Critical Review and Appraisal of Published Research Study

The studies have more often than not suggested various changes as per their findings in social practice. Hence, their ability to affect the manner in which social care and work are undertaken for clients is huge. However, it is vital to note that the findings of one study do not depict the numerous contemplations that are integral in the decision making of various aspects associated with the wider area within which they lie in. Most of them are only limited to the specific study area. In the process of evaluating, analyzing, and appraising published research studies, it is common to discover that many of them do not confess the weaknesses in the research. In such instances, it is up to the person reading the study to utilize a significant period to find these weaknesses. In its December 26, 2012, issue, the Public Library of Science published the findings of the Experiences of Domestic Violence and Mental Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis study. It was a study that looked at the prevalence and likelihood of an individual being a domestic violence victim. Even though the researchers concluded that the prevalence of being a victim of domestic violence women and men throughout all categories of diagnosis in comparison to persons without disorders. The study went ahead to also discuss the findings of their study, the strengths and weaknesses of this research and what the findings implied. As a published research study, it can be considered a model study because many similar types of research fail to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their studies.