Critical Review on Ralph Naders Unstoppable

The book review "Critical book review on Ralph Nader’s book Unstoppable" overviews the presented in the book author’s opinion concerning the defense of free markets from large corporations and politicians.
Nader strongly questions unlimited power to the corporates. He is not interested in putting the corporates on a mat. But he criticizes corporates for helping the politicians and the politicians for helping the corporates once they occupy the powerful chairs. The “so-called conservative and liberal politicians forget their labels when they join together at the trough of corporate largesse on the way to fronting for the corporate agenda”. He advocates curbing the power of corporates and suggests several measures. He resents the Citizens United decision of 2010 that permits corporations to freely spend money on political advocacy.
The other ‘strong pillars’ of capitalism are the corporate shareholders. Nader articulates that their so-called control on the functioning of the corporates is nothing but fantasy. They are helpless pawns and the phrase of "people’s capitalism" and their praise is just a mockery of the corporate world. They are not in a position to exercise executive control and can do little to check the lavish executive pay packages and are the mute witnesses to the corporate maneuvers. But one cannot say that the shareholders are the victims as no one has forced them to buy the share of a particular company. Only when the rules are violated they have the right to move to the offices of the Justice Department.