Critical thinking is not just thinking but thinking which entails self improvement and this improvement comes from skill in using standards by which one approp

ording to Alpert (2004) seems alien, a bug that keeps on nagging there is “something drastically wrong—even if they themselves do not sense it[…] they sense something is radically out of joint in the narrative they tell, enact, and are.”
Depression affects the social being in individuals that it is a sate of sadness that affects the individual being to the point of disrupting daily activities and clinical depression may be seen even without meeting any criteria for specific diagnosis. Clinical depression is not a temporary state of sadness but something that is recurring or worsens as days go by and may last up to weeks or longer.
There are a lot of evidences that depression is not a simple chemical imbalance in the transmitters in the brain, but it is the most common belief so that anti-depressant pills have become common treatment for millions of depressed women around the world although there are persistent researches that prove otherwise.
Incidentally, reports (wikipedia, 2006) cite clinical depression as the second leading cause of disability in the US next only to heart disease and may soon be a global symptom by 2020 according to the World Health Organization (qtd., wikipedia, 2006).
Ketterlinus (et al, 1994) presented that “depressive problems may be substantial and associated with significant social impairment […] but the social malfunction extends well beyond antisocial behaviour.”
As early as 1550 BC, depression has appeared in Ebers papyrus and had been described and observed. In consideration to Pepper’s (1942) view that “People construct their own environment and lifespan,” the various conceptual perspective all apply to social depression with the likely views as follows:
Mechanistic – there is a narrow focus on loss of an important person, or an object of affection for any depressed individual. Likewise, therapists adapt various methods that may be narrowed down on the certain cause of the depression of a patient as may