Critical Thinking of Krochs Paper in Sociolinguistic

In the case of linguistic sociology, the study is based on the influence of the language on society. Social linguistics study reveals the effect of social and communal behaviours in moulding the language and influencing the way people speak a particular language. In other words, sociology of linguistics focuses on language from a contextual point of view and examines the delivery, usage and symbolism of language used by people within a social set up. The basic notion underlying sociolinguistics is quite simple: Language use symbolically represents fundamental dimensions of social behaviour and human interaction. The notion is simple, but the ways in which language reflects behaviour can often be complex and subtle. (Wolfram) The sociology of Linguistics in Pennsylvania and specifically in Philadelphia is one of the most studied in the field of linguistics in the United States. William Labov is regaled as the founder of Variational linguistic study. As Stated by J.K Chambers, variationist sociolinguistics had its effective beginnings only in 1963, the year in which William Labov presented the first sociolinguistic research report.(2002). 1. Speech community – Language is spoken within a community who use language in a unique way. This language is however identified with, within the community and mutually accepted amongst the members of the same community. This essay will focus on the studies of Anthony Kroch, professor of linguistics in the University of Pennsylvania. He has studied social linguistics and the demarcations effected into society or the effects vice versa like his contemporary William Labov.