Critically Analysis Apple Company

&nbsp.This is especially true if the company holds a significant position on the market since other companies and individuals will follow the precedent set by these big corporations that others look up to. To prove the point, a case study may be taken to see how these corporations tend to take up the corporate social responsibility and whether or not they show seriousness in their commitment to ethical principles. Since Apple Inc is one of such brands/companies which has a huge presence all over the globe, to such an extent that loyal customers are direly obsessed with the brand and refuse to replace the brand at any cost. Therefore, on principle, such a company must comply by most if not all ethical principles.&nbsp.

Prior to making any conclusions, it is imperative to look into the background of the company and analyze the significance and scope of its products and services. Apple Inc is a huge multinational corporation which conceives and sells various electronics, computer devices, mobile phone and also other offers various online services. The company owns more than 363 stores worldwide and its global sales surpass the value of $16 billion USD (Kane 2014: 13). The competitive edge of the company lies in its products like Macintosh line of laptops, iPhone, iPad, and other similar products which have an exceptionally high brand awareness level. Furthermore, Apple also deals in other products branded as Mac Os X, Aperture, Safari, Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio and most&nbsp.importantly the iTunes. most of which are compatible with the other iPod products which only support Apple built-in products and reject software conceived by other companies and brands (O`Grady 2009: 31).&nbsp.&nbsp.In context to strategic marketing and brand awareness, the company doesn’t lag behind anywhere since the selling rate and returns of investments are high enough to include the company in the top brands globally.&nbsp.