Critically assess the Prime Minister’s powers Review the role of the media in British politics Is the higher civil ser

This work will focus on the powers of the prime minister and other political issues in the United Kingdom, specifically Britain (Adams, 2000). Powers of the prime minister The office of the prime minister in the United Kingdome is not in the constitution meaning there is no reference or a proper legal document that describes all matters that pertains to this office. Due to this, it remained uncommon to majority until the 20th century when the relation between the prime minister, sovereign government, cabinet and the parliament was appreciated. Prime minister’s powers include: the head of the government, meaning he is the chief officer of the executive and legislative arm of the government or the head of the cabinet. Here the prime minister signs policies debated upon by the legislators into full law. In some nations, the prime minister and the president or head of state must both agree with the policy before it actually becomes a full law. But in the United Kingdom, the Monarchy is a relief from active role in governmental affairs, hence it is the prime minister to solely sign such policies to full law. … The second group laments that the prime minister is a senior government official whose wishes or orders ought to be done without further questions (Negrine, 2002). The best solution to this debate is to establish a vetting procedure through which qualified people are vetted before being appointed by the prime minister, further more, the constitution should protect the cabinet members from official exploitations by senior most governmental powers, prime minister being one of them. He organizes business between the executive, civil service and legislators among other important governmental departments. The prime minister represents the Queen or monarchy in both domestic and international affairs. He has the overall control over the cabinet office, which is headed by the secretary of the cabinet, also the head of civil servants. Here the head of civil service must present some issues to the prime minister before the final verdicts are made. Since the head of civil servants is appointed by the prime minister, no aspirant would dare oppose the Prime Minister (Stephen, 2000). Politics is real where some leaders agree and disagree for the sake of good governorship. In my opinion a one sided governorship is more of a dictatorship or the state of psycho fancy. A majority of both appointed and aspiring senior government officials will always support the prime minister despite the infeasibilities. The constitution should be amended to protect the senior officials from such oppressions. A good government is that which cabinet and other senior officials are free to make their personal opinions for the sake of the citizens in general. Role of media in British Politics Britain is of the countries where media sector is at full liberty to