CRM Strategy

Using MS Surface, Bill Gates designed the snowboard with just his hands instead of using a mouse. He was able to show how only his fingers can be used and do the work of a mouse on the surface of the screen in order to design and customize objects on the software itself. Thus, only his hands were required to put his signature and design the snowboard.

In a Sync enabled car, Steve Ballmer was able to select the music with the help of a small text display on the stereo unit of the car. It has a fully integrated flash memory and also helps in hands-free calling while driving, making it easier to connect via Bluetooth. It also has the ability to copy contacts from the phone and also possesses a voice-recognition system to start up and work the mp3 player in the car.
According to Steve Ballmer, the main target market of Microsoft in the next several decades consists of the software developers, hardware manufacturers, and user, customers and partners. He says that it was with the collaboration, efforts, and help of the 3000 engineers and 5000 partners that they were able to develop newer versions of the software for the consumers.

Steve and Ryan displayed a number of the thinnest laptops in the world created by them in the presentation. In order to display how thin the laptop exactly was, they compared the width and size of the laptop and it is just 9.99mm in width.
The Anatomy Book powered by the Blio Reader has its own advantages as the user can preserve typography, illustrations, and color. The user can also view videos and make notes in the reader itself. One can also purchase books there, highlight pages, make changes in the books itself, as well as make the book read out to the user if he is not feeling up to reading himself. Thus, it has the features of traditional texts, newly-authored and advanced reading books.
According to Steve Jobs, the main criteria for creating the third category of devices between laptops and smartphones was the growing consumer market because of the considerable interest that it possesses due to the rich and widely accepted usage of applications all the time.