Topic 2:  In Topic 2, you will submit the Capstone Project Needs Analysis and Organizational Approval  assignments. These are key planning assignments for the implementation of the capstone. During this topic, you will begin the formal planning process for the capstone project. Your needs analysis should help you articulate the scope of the project, including its value to both the organization and your leadership development. You will also secure approval and support from a representative within the organization. This will be documented in the approval form submitted to the instructor.Follow directions and answer question filly and with understanding. Each question should be answered separately with 100% original work in a timely manner.1.  At the end of this topic, you will submit a needs analysis for your capstone project. After reviewing the Capstone Project Needs Analysis assignment parameters, describe the primary goal(s) of your capstone project in one or two sentences.2. Based on the planned scope of your capstone project, what type of needs analysis tool (e.g., coaching, training) would you need to select? Provide a brief rationale.3. As you conducted your needs analysis, were there any results that surprised you? Did your assessment provide new insights on other projects that could be conducted? Did they support the initial scope of your project4. In this topic, you will submit your Capstone Project Overview, which includes a description of your action plan. Use this discussion forum as a space to briefly describe your plan. Do you have any areas of concern?Use the leadership skills and knowledge you have developed in this program to provide feedback and suggestions about your peers’ action plan steps.