CU – Admission Essay Studying business has always been my dream and since I am an international who is based abroad, the field of business has always attracted me immensely. It has made me comprehend the real reason why I exist in terms of my future profession. I derive the utmost pleasure out of understanding the dictum related with business and its varied realms. When I get the hang of the business domains, it would allow me to deal with the people of this world and to trade different nuances and perspectives with them on a consistent basis. It would allow me to move forward with a vision to set things right within the world of business as well. I have been traveling around the United States and this has helped me to move ahead with the changing times. I believe that the business world is fast progressing and being on its bandwagon has assisted me for a long period of time. This shall be the case in the future as well if I pull up my socks and do the needful. My travel regime has made me realize that I am an important part of the understanding that is related with the world of business, and I have envisioned my own place within the related scheme of things. I am glad that I have been able to my make my mark and will continue to do so in the days that lie ahead. What is even more engaging for me is that I like to meet people from different backgrounds and diverse cultural manifestations. It helps me to understand who they are and what they have learned during the course of their life times. This is one engaging aspect that has helped me to shape up who I am and what I can offer to the University of Colorado. My leadership tenets would be derived from what I have learned and what I must incorporate with hard work and diligence. This will make my work tasks become easier and allow me to handle a multitude of tasks and areas which I have not been able to touch deep upon in the present times. I am sure that if I am given a chance within the University of Colorado to study business, I would manifest my truest basis through hard work and enrichment of a diverse and inclusive community because this is something that is deeply ingrained within my professional capacity to get the job done in an amicable manner.