Cultural Business

Research the cultural factors and protocols that a potential business partner would need to know to establish credibility when proposing a business idea in your chosen country. (My chosen country is INDIA) Research and report on the following: Communication Style: Would you describe the communication style of your country as implicit or explicit? How would this affect business relationships within it? Provide examples. Credibility: What measures would you take to establish credibility when presenting a business proposal to business people or government officials from this country? Culture: Compare the culture of Canada with the culture of your country using significant cultural determinants, such as geography, history, religion, language, style of dress and other factors. Include images to illustrate the culture. Protocols: List three “Dos” and three “Taboos” in your country. Indicate why a businessperson should or should not conduct those actions or behaviours. Business English: How prevalent is English in your country as the language of business? Canadian Sources: What percentage of the Canadian population may have cultural ties with your IBP country? Research the immigration statistics and associations representing the culture in Canada, and give contact information.17/05/20203businessfinance