Cultural Organization in Vienna

They need to consider the physical resources such as tools, bricks and the human resources who are the workers.
A mission statement is a short sentence that describes the main purpose of setting up a particular organization. It is a statement that gives the general public and the employees themselves reasons why an organization exits in the first place. It is highly confused with vision that simply means the future plans and objectives that an organization wants to achieve. In setting up a museum, the general public and the employees must have reasons for the existence of the museum. Thus the mission statement for the museum must be guided by the objective of the museum. Having a mission enables an organization to know its external and internal situations. This will help it in analyzing its weaknesses and strengths that enable it to come up with ways to counter the weaknesses. This will definitely make the organization gain competitiveness. It is also gives the organization the opportunity to know the threats and opportunities it has (Lorenzen, pp. 22-29). The fundamental goal of the museum is to be an interactive and educational centre. Its main target is to educate people about their history and other peoples’ history and more so, current affairs. The mission statement is, "to enhance education to every individual on important history and current affairs, increase the socialization process within the society, at the same time providing incentives for the general public by ensuring that they are employed to put their acquired knowledge and skills in practice". This mission statement will tells the strengths of the museum which are a social and educative place. It is a place where anybody can go to because it is both a social and educational place. The fact that young people have the interest of knowing where they came from is a great opportunity for the museum to gain popularity. It will only be threatened by the coming up of other museums and any economical or political instability which have been maintained for quite sometime now.
Structure of the museum
Structure of the museum can be divided in two forms. the physical plant and the organizational structure. The physical plant entails the general building of the museum. First of all it will be located in the first district because it is a place where many tourists visit and it has very many hotels. This will attract very many individuals to the museum. How will it look like It will definitely have the modern designs. This will give it a unique look unlike all other museums that have ancient designs. It will be built of bricks but at the same time have wooden bridges that connect the different parts of the museum. The building will have numerous parts like the library, ancient tools that were used, different artistic works like paintings, sculptors and drawings, very huge halls for video showings and lectures and theatre halls. The museum will also have a caf for the sake of enhancing socialization. It will also have a parking allowance with very high security. There will be video cameras for surveillance purposes. this is mainly to reduce insecurity.
An organizational structure is an informal or formal framework that entails all rules and policies in which an organization can arrange ways of communication, leadership and authority and distribute duties and responsibilities. It shows how much power one holds within the organization, roles that one is supposed to play. It is a