Cultural Tour

Size and Duration of the event
7 days and 6 nights
3 nights at Cairo and 4 nights cruise between Luxor and Aswan
Choice of venue:
Cairo, Luxor, Aswan in Egypt
180 per person for Super De Luxe Accommodation exclusive of international airfare:
3 nights accommodation at Cairo hotel or of the same, bed and breakfast (twin-room)
4 nights accommodation on board of a Nile Cruise boat in a full board basis to include sightseeing tours in Luxor, Edfu, Kom Omno and Aswan
Sightseeing tours that includes transportation by a deluxe coach
All entrance fees for all sightseeing
Qualified English speaking guide throughout the trip
All airport transfers in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan
Domestic flight tickets in Cairo-Luxor and Aswan-Cairo
All brochures, manuals, event kit, and seminar fees
Target Market:
Age: 28-45 years old, males and females
Occupation: Corporate Executives with substantial environmental responsibilities
Ethnicity: Caucasians, preferably European or American
The Unique Selling Point of Event:
It is a luxurious tour
Networking possibilities for participants
Sharing of corporate insights and practices among participants with regards to environmental concerns
Actual showcasing on the effects and changes that occur with regards to environmental concerns viewed as man-influenced
Rediscovery of past and future of humanity as influenced by environmental changes
Ensure commitment to change and inclusion of environmental policies in the workplace and the global business operations.
Work Breakdown Structure for the Project:
Event Marketing – to execute marketing, promotional and communications. Enlist participants and sponsors. Maximise media exposure and corporate response.
WEEK 1-2
WEEK 3-4
They suggested that "Firms’ actions relative to the environmental issues should consider the firms’ relationships to numerous stakeholders groups such as stockholders, employees, customers, suppliers" (Mathur &amp. Mathur, 2000).
It is also in this concept that events eventually became an increasing tool in marketing so that much of marketing and communication are now geared on creating, promoting or sponsoring events (Masterman and Wood, 2006).
These are all integrated to come up with a cultural, environmental, corporate event and tourism in this boat trip in Nile River. As Throsby (1994) earlier established, culture and arts patrons are homogenous in terms of having higher levels of income and education, thereby presuming that environment-cultural executives as belonging to this demographics.
A Nile Boat Trip for White Professionals will target corporate executives that are needing relaxation, invigoration, and at the same time, learning and social experience that would inject a heavy load of responsibility and commitment in a very light setting — a cultural tour down the Nile.
Operations &amp. Logistics Plans – Itinerary, booking, transfers, venues, ticketing, transportation. This team will ensure the seminar would flow complementary of the tours, sightseeing and other tour activities without sacrificing the value of the event.