Culture and Custom Germans and Americans Stereotypes

As far as American traits are regarded in comparison to the German traits, we can find some similarities and some contrasts.

All the people living in this world adopt certain habits and characteristics on the basis of the social setup of their own land. Americans like Germans also adopt certain features such as they are also fond of eating like Germans, they are also friendly but they are somewhat arrogant on the basis of their standing in this world. In today’s world, America is regarded as the topmost nation with maximum opportunities to gain success, therefore, the people also carry this opinion and consider themselves unique due to which, arrogance can be noticed in their routine attitudes. However, all people cannot be categorized as the same.

Americans also speak good English but English is their native language and speaking it nicely is their compulsion. Americans and Germans carry some characteristics that are similar such as eating fondness, speaking good English while their good humor and good nature is not considered as their stereotype.