Culture diversity in Chinese hospitality industry

The BRIC countries are seen as the most attractive business markets of these times. These countries consist of Brazil, Russia, India and china. Thus, this is also one of the reasons why hospitality industry is at the rise in the Chinese market at the moment. However, whether it’s a foreign or local set-up, it is important that the hotels have a diverse workforce as cultural diversity makes it easier for them to cater to people from various backgrounds who visit the country.
&nbsp.&nbsp.With 80 million travelers in 2012, China exceeded US and Germany in becoming the largest source of travellers in the world, depicting the trend of growth of the market. That being said the Chinese market itself has been identified as the key markets for innovation where high end and middleclass hotels are expected to consolidate, budgeting options to become more innovative and sophisticated hospitality needs be catered to increasingly through the expansion of international chains to establish resorts and recreational arenas. The government of china has also highlighted tourism as one of the major growth sectors in its five years plans and facilitates foreign investment in the tourism sector by offering real estate discounts, tax exemptions and priority approvals for their set-up (, 2013). With a focus on tourism, the country is bound to attract people belonging to diverse backgrounds from the world order to cater to their needs on a better manner, it is important for the hospitality industry in China.