Culture icon

John Lennon is a cultural icon because his music was not only beautiful and meaningful to many people, his life was only one of conviction. ‘The Beatles’ is perhaps the most popular band in history. They wrote and performed many songs that are continuously being played even until today. The boy band that made John Lennon popular, together with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr became a worldwide sensation. As a young group, ‘The Beatles’ became a phenomenon with their upbeat songs and unique style. But they also grew as artists and good songwriters. This is especially true with John and Paul who wrote some of the most widely-known songs ever. John, on his own, can be best remembered in his song entitled ‘Imagine’ with its very familiar lyrics and melody.
His influence was not limited to the world of music. He also became very outspoken about many aspects of his beliefs. These things are reflected in his songs. John Lennon was an advocate of peace and he was against the Vietnam War where soldiers get killed every day. The Hippies who were popular in the 1960s considered him as being one of them and this acceptable to him. He became, by choice or not, a political figure. Then, his abrupt death when he was assassinated only added to the idealism that was regarded on his life. “If nothing else, John Lennon’s death clearly marked a shift from the imagery of stardom to that of heroism” (Mäkelä 211). His songs and words remained to be very influential. His beliefs on love and the importance of peace remained to be relevant even to this day. These are the things that make John Lennon a cultural icon.
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