Current Strategic Plan of Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a UK based airline company with 25 different destinations around the world. The company was founded by Richard Bronson in the 1980s. at the time Mr. Bronson was the owner of the popular record label Virgin records. The company grew tremendously under the guidance of Mr. Bronson, a decade after starting operation the company was sold to Thorn EMI (Virginatlantic, 2007). The firm has taken a trajectory towards becoming a world-class air transportation operation. A large share of the business equity of the company was sold in 1999. Before the start of the 21st century, 49% of the company was sold off to one of the largest players in the Asian and European market, Singapore Airlines. The company’s strategic focus changed once Singapore Airlines gained a lot of influence in the decision making with its nearly 50% influence in the business.
The latest information available from the company that illustrates the operating performance and financial performance of the company is the annual report for the fiscal year 2004-2005. During this business cycle, the company had total revenues of 7813 million pounds with a net operating profit of 215 million pounds (Airliners, 2007). Both these performance numbers are an improvement over the previous business cycle. The company’s debt to equity ratio for the fiscal year 2005 was 0.42, its operating margin was 6.9%, and the return on assets of the company (ROA) was 9.35% (Annual Report: Virgin Airlines, 2005). Appendix A illustrates the business ratios in 2005 for the Airline Industry compiled by the Dun &amp. Bradstreet database. The company’s performance in comparison with the airline industry was outstanding. The industry average return on assets metric is 4.8%. The company had a ROA nearly double the industry median in 2005. The net&nbsp.margin of the industry is 3.8%, Virgin Atlantic is net margin is 81% higher than the industry. The company flew over 35,000 passengers in 2005 with a passenger load factor of 74.8%.&nbsp.