Impacts of Internet Job Search FIU BSN CURRICULUM DESIGN The FIU BSN curriculum is meant to enable the graduates to be competent in the systems of health care that are getting complex by each day. Through its specific objectives, the curriculum aims at giving graduates a number of abilities. The first one is to work as a professional nurse in general. The second one is working as a responsible and accountable citizen. The other one is participating in evidence based research, deliveries in health care, leadership, consultation, education at all the community levels. The last one is recognizing and the same time responding to the developmental need for continuing professionalism (FIU). To demonstrate its holistic nature, the FIU BSN curriculum framework has a concept of a globe. The globe is a demonstration of the cohesiveness of the curriculum, its goals and values. The global model is characterized by levels that run from bottom to top of the globe. It is also characterized by organizing threads (pervasive and vertical) that start from the base of the globe to the top. The base of the globe, which is the curriculum starting point, has the behavioral sciences, general education and biological sciences. From this point the students to the nursing knowledge foundation, basic knowledge in nursing specialty and nursing knowledge synthesis as they accomplish their study plans. The levels have seven pervasive threads of organization: cultural competence, Ethics, Process of Decision Making, Globalization, Genomics, Quality and Safety, Technology and Globalization. The vertical threads of organization are four: Professional Nursing, Scholarship and Research, Practice that is Evidence Based, Systems of Global Health and Illness/ Health Management (FIU).Curriculum Design Influences The influences of the design of the curriculum are the factors that are pervasive in the thread. In broad these include communication and collaboration, Quality and Safety, the process of decision making, cultural competence, Genomics, Globalization and Ethics (FIU). FIU BSN CURRICULUM ANALYSIS The Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) gives the accreditation standards for the nursing programs. The standards are divided into four categories which include: the Governance and Mission. the Resources and institutional commitment, the Teaching and Learning processes and the curriculum. and the Program outcomes assessment and its achievement. Emphasis will be laid on the 3rd standard that deals with curriculum (CCNE, 2013). FIU nursing curriculum is developed according to the nursing program goals, mission and student outcomes (expected). This makes it in line with the accreditation requirements. The FIU curriculum reflects the professional nursing standards and guidelines and the needs and expectation of the community of interest (CCNE, 2013). The practices that are in teaching learning process are in line with the outcomes expected from the students. The teaching- learning environment as demonstrated in the curriculum promotes the students outcomes. The specific objectives in the FIU curriculum show what is expected from the students so as to succeed. The FIU curriculum is logically structured with the globe model making it more understandable. The curriculum lays emphasis on the student outcome. it aims at making the best professional nurses. The FIU curriculum of nursing program is divided into stages specifying the level of understanding and the tools used in teaching. This makes it effective and efficient as the teaching is tailored to the student level (CCNE, 2013). Recommendation1) The curriculum should entail the details in reference to when it was revised last and when the next revision will probably be made.2) The curriculum should include details in relation to the nursing, teaching and learning environment in FIU in terms of its suitability to student outcome.3) The curriculum should be more detailed with emphasis on specific evaluation methods used, the frequency of evaluation and type of evaluation.ReferencesFIU (n.d) BSN Program Overview. Retrieved from overview.pdfCCNE (2013). Standards for Accreditation of Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Programs. Retrieved from 2013.pdf