Customer Care as a Tool for Accelerated Public Health Care

From this discussio it is clear that&nbsp.the government of Ghana takes full responsibility in management of the public facilities (including the public institutional health facilities) through financial services as well as the general management practices. It is in this understanding that this research is framed aimed at understanding service delivery by institutional based health facilities with special attention to the university hospitals. Though there are various university hospitals in operation within the country under the public domain, this research is directed towards specifically three-university hospital for ease of efficiency and convenience. Special focus is directed towards types and levels of the customer services that are offered within these institutions, which are not restricted towards the students only but are rather open and accessible by all the public.&nbsp.
As the study stresses& Ghana, the classification of hospitals comes in different categories. Commonly though, it is likely to have a generalized classification such as government hospitals, private hospitals, institutional hospitals and mission hospitals. University hospitals are often placed under institutional hospitals and regardless of the fact that these university hospitals may be government assisted in terms of finances, their main administrative care is left in the hands of the university authorities.&nbsp.