Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines

Parker Pen misread the globalization principles and tried to implement a unique marketing strategy for their pens in different countries and failed miserably. Moreover, an Indian customer may like to have some kind of discount while purchasing a car whereas an American customer may like to have a free offer along with purchasing of the same car. In other words, the car manufacturer should adopt different marketing or business strategies at different countries even for selling the same product.
Building powerful and cohesive business systems based on the characteristics of a market is another important strategy needed for the success of a business. For example, Americans like to purchase top quality branded goods even if the prices were too much whereas an Indian customer may prefer low prices even if the quality was compromising. In other words, it is difficult for the Benz car makers to sell their top models in India whereas the same model could be the best seller in America. Same way, it is difficult for Indian car manufacturer Maruti to sell their cars in America even though they are the best sellers in the Indian market. If Maruti wants to sell their cars in America, they need to make necessary changes in their car models in order to make it suitable to the American market.
Raising customers’ expectations beyond the competition’s reach is the third strategy needed for business success. Indian car manufacturer TATA recently unveiled the world’s cheapest car NANO priced $ 2000. This car became a hot seller in the Indian market and its booking is already crossed one million in India. They are trying to export this car to even foreign markets. Competitors are trying hard to make a car cheaper than NANO. But so far nobody succeeded in their efforts. In other words, TATA succeeded in making a car beyond the reach of the competitors and hence they are currently enjoying a monopoly in the lower segment of car selling in India.
In short, I perfectly agree with Treacy and Wiersema’s Value Disciplines framework even though I have a slight disagreement in the number of values mentioned by Treacy and Wiersema. In my opinion, apart from the three value frameworks proposed by Treacy and Wiersema, other strategies like after improving sales service, improving customer-dealer relationships, exhibiting corporate social responsibility etc can also improve the quality of successful business strategies.