David Tudor and Gordon Mumma



The works of David Tudor was very significant and noted for their utilization of electronic circuits in creating different sounds. His “quirky” use of electronics has made a great impact on many of the modern day composers. In conversation with David Behrman, Ron Kuivilla stated that “….the instability of the electronics, the absence of presets and the viewpoint configuration defies the identity of the composition, combine to make it very difficult to distinguish performance from composition.’ (Behrman 14) The circuitry that he made use of for all his compositions was not only original but so very complicated, that it made it very difficult to understand the working of the piece. Only now, so many years after his passing, are colleagues and fans trying to understand the complicated circuitry used by David Tudor. Most of this was due to the fact that Tudor didn’t label any physical parts, and sketched his circuits out on paper. (Adams) It was this pragmatic approach towards music that helped David Tudor earn a prestigious place in the history of experimental music.