Democrats VS Republicans

It was during their rule that women got the right to cast their votes in the ballots Key words: Liberals, Conservatives, foreign policy, domestic policy, economy driven, morality driven. The two different upfront with regard to the political ideologies. Each derives its inspiration from different set of actions and course undertaken. Republicans are dubbed as the conservatives in their actions and philosophy while the Democrats are often tagged as the liberals in their overall political attire and actions. The difference in views with regard to being liberal and conservatives come to forth in terms of their views shared upon political gains against the moral aspects and moral binding upon each. A common belief revolves around in the pillars of the political affairs that Democrats aim to enforce economic pillar strengthening across the globe in the regions of their influence. On the other hand Republicans are loosely associated with the belief of being driven by the factor of morality and global peace in the entire region as well as the parts of influence in other continents. Their rulings affect the lives of common man in a direct and indirect manner. Since they have different policies pertaining to the social security, family laws, legal rights presentation, taxation, foreign affairs and all have a direct impact on the individuals. This effect can be seen in the retrospect of the past and the domestic and foreign decisions being made as well as the present and the policies that each makes. For example the health care decision being made by president Barrack Obama is seen as a major move by any president in the field of health care, successful implementation would enable better health care facilities and as a result satisfied citizens. This paper takes into account sequentially how major domestic and foreign decisions were taken by each government. The decisions so made by each of them has a direct psychological impact on the people of American society. For example a president who comes up with slash on jobs will leave a negative impact on the mindset of common man. While moves like Health care bill are definitely in line to bring about more support such as the one that has recently been presented by Barrack Obama( 2010 health care plan). Foreign policies have a direct similar impact with global impact falling on the economy of the state, the traveling factors and many more associated constraints that come along with the policies of a super power. Based on the dominant existence of these two parties, America is termed as a two party state where the competition and race for presidency is always been these two parties. Republicans: they came into one unified part in 1854. Democrats on the other hand were formally organized under the emblem of one party in 1824(Gizzi et al, 191). Democrats are represented by Blue Color while Republicans are represented by Red Color. The mark of Donkey is attributed against the Democrats and its history runs deep into the middle of 19th century when this mark was associated to this party through a cartoon poster. Democratic party of United States of America has a history expanded over nearly two