Describe and evaluate the current budgetary process in Congress What if anything would you change How would you change it

at include outlays, subsidies for loans and insurance (Beranek), tax deductions among other tools. and enhanced public confidence and trust in the said process. This article discusses the various reform options available and focuses on presenting the best ways that are most likely to meet the required effectiveness and feasibility. A breakdown of the best way to do this is divided into three sections comprising of efficient and timely budgeting, accountability, and transparency (Beranek).
Since the budgeting process starts at the time the president communicates his proposed budget to the Congress and is usually meant to be carried out by the first Monday of February each year and usually fails to happen, it is, therefore, almost impossible for any newly elected president to comply with a set timetable at the beginning of the year due to the existence of a strong case regarding pushing back the legislative and executive branch timetables at the time as noted by the House Budget Committee. The reform that should be carried out in enhancing the effectiveness of timely budgeting include:-
The level of public trust in the budgeting process has over the years been eroded alongside the deteriorating status of the federal government and the Congress specifically. One cause of the mistrust is the prevalent credence that insiders are frolicking some sort of shell game that is designed to completely conceal the actual happenings in the process. Politicians frequently castigate against the budgeting process: Proclaiming that “Only in Washington is an expenditure increase labelled as a cut. When viewed from the stance of the ordinary mutual sense, these critics seem to have a point. For example, considering a family that uses the same location as their vacation spot every year (Beranek). The prices for lodging and travelling rises, between this year and the next year, increasing the overall vacations expenditure by $700, the family has two options either to take the cost