Describe photograph

Exact This picture shows a busy scene in Venice consisting of a canal in the middle with tall buildings on both sides of the water. These buildings line the waterside and are very tightly packed against each other. They have many windows, and plenty of columns, balconies and doorways, but there is no space between buildings, since they are built flush against each other. In the foreground here are red and white striped poles on the left, which look like mooring spots for the many small boats which are on the canal. These poles are positioned in front of the tall white buildings which are several storeys high, and form the left boundary of the picture. There are two small motorized boats in the middle foreground, one brown and one white, both being driven by single adult males towards the viewer. Other boats are moored amongst the poles on the left, and there are still more boats moving on the water. The canal flows in a sweep of steely blue, from the middle of the picture down to the front and to the right, where it forms the bottom right corner of the picture and turns into a turquoise shade, showing triangular wave patterns in the wake of the boats. There are no trees, and no sidewalks, but the water looks very like a street, because of the busy traffic of boats on it. It dominates the front and center of the picture, and clearly the photographer intended to capture the character of this interesting mode of transportation. Despite the boats which are clearly moving, there is serenity in the picture which comes from the expanse of water and sky, and the lack of human people, despite all the evidence of habitation and city life. The middle section of the picture consists of buildings on both sides, though those on the right are smaller than those on the left. About half way up the photograph on the right there is a large domed building, with several smaller domed towers to its right. This is clearly a special location, because it is much bigger than the other buildings around it, and it forms a striking silhouette against the sky, like a collection of upturned tea-cups on a table. Most of the domestic buildings have red tiled roofs while the domes are a mauve/brown color. Television antennae, flagpoles, and chimneys stick up from all the rooftops. Further up still, and in the distance, compared to the viewer, there is another tower, with a small sphere on the roof, resting on a square roofed building which has two round arches. Above all the buildings, and stretching over the whole top edge of the picture there is an expanse of pink and purple sky, which lends a soft glow to the white and cream buildings below. The skyline is about one third from the top, but it is very small because it only appears in the gap between the two rows of buildings. Three dark ducks are flying at the far right of the picture, just at the point where the buildings meet the sky.