Describe The Here and Now

and summary of Christopher Theofanidis’ Here and Now The piece talks about how the (Christopher Theofanidis) came into close interaction with renowned poets such as Robert Spano, who gave him the necessary support that he needed to, enable him to also pursue the same course. This happened seven years ago in Rome when he went to hear Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s Monsters of Grace.The here and now is based on the poetry of Rumi. It was commissioned and recorded by the Atlanta Symphony and Chorus ten years ago. It includes the following chorus and orchestras: I. Inside the new love, die. II. Is the one I love everywhere?III. The sound of the resurrectionIV. Narrative I: The value of our soulsV. Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around youVI. The one who pours is wilder than weVII. DrumsoundVIII. Spreading radianceIX. The urgency of loveX. The music of our final meetingXI. Narrative III: Insomnia XII. All day and night,His interweaving texts and ideas from science, philosophy, religion, poetry and literature gives a better understanding of the relationship between God and humanity by eliciting the passive perception of others concerning the two subjects.The piece has buoyant rhythms with unpredictable sense of emotions released by the lyrical sentences at the start, as well as at the end of each stanza. The highlighted poem is meditative with emotional moments that give anxiety in the entire poem. It uses heterophony as a way of presenting the message to the intended audience. The sonority and sensibility in unfolding the ideas and concepts in the poem make it interesting and memorable. The lyrics in the piece are metaphysical and touch on things that we cannot touch or even imagine, this makes it elusive and emotional.The piece gives an outstanding connection between faith and romance, as well as faith and eroticism. The melody has the same directness and compactness that makes it easily memorable.The here and now shows Theofanidis’ mastery of the orchestra and his strong sense for both drama and melody. The harmonized choral parts allow the lyrics to come out in a clear way. They are made clearer by the shorter sentences adapted by Theofanidis in his poetry piece. The whole piece is viscerally evocative, dramatic, presentational, pretentious as well as intended for meditation. It has been crafted to incorporate neo-romantic qualities similar to that of Shakespeare.The whole piece is quite informative and incorporates all the elements of a comprehensive dramatic poem. With the continuous improvement in the different genres, the poem needs to be all inclusive to accommodate all groups of audience including, the children.