Design a programme plan focusing on the introduction of safe sharps mechanisms

Sharp injuries are common risks that are well recognized in the healthcare sector. Medical sharps that are contaminated with a patient blood can transmit pathogens that cause more than twenty diseases of inclusive of the deadly one such as HIV and hepatitis is B and C (Pike 1976). The main aim of this health program is to come up with new regulations and strategies that will supplement the already existing ones in the control and prevention of health issues that arises from sharps injury.
In this health program plan we will Ewels and Simnet 2003 planning model to come up with a very concrete and elaborate healthcare program to control and prevent the health care issues that arises due to sharp injuries.
An effective sharp injury prevention program includes several components that must work in concert to protect health workers in mental institution and other medical centers from suffering injuries that are caused by needlesticks and other sharps (Ewels &amp. Simnett 2003). This program plan is designed to be integrated into the existing infection control, performance improvement and safety programs in the various hospitals that aims at minimizing these tragedies (Linsley &amp. Kane 2011). An institutional review of sharp injuries was conducted to help in determining the priorities in allocation of resource in this sharp prevention program. A review of about two hundred of sharp injuries that occur every year was analyzed and categorized into high, low or moderate.
A total of 119 risks were considered to be moderate and the remaining ninety were considered to be at the low risk of acquiring blood borne diseases while the rest could not be categorized (Perry &amp. Robinson 2004). Epidemiological data on sharp injuries incident, including those circumstances that are associated with the occupational transmission of the blood borne viruses, are very crucial elements in targeting and evaluating intervention at the national and local level. The actual magnitude of the