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Lastly, DFA index is very critical assembly efficiency indicator of the component design.This value is directly proportional to the design efficiency. Pneumatic piston design improvement is shown in figure 3 where assembly efficiency was used.Figure 1 above shows the pneumatic piston original design.Furthermore, the attached worksheet corresponds to the subassembly and it is observed that the design efficiency is 29 percent( figure 2). The applied DFA method might be extended to a high-speed robot and automatic assembly. It has been found to be very critical majorly in situation redesigning whereby the operational time’s detailed knowledge is well known or it could be calculated for the given product(Pugh 1991).In addition to this DFA technique explored in detail, other techniques of assembly evaluation do exist and include Lucas and AEM DFA methods.SummaryIn summary, assembly efficiency is considered to be a very critical measure or index in the DFA technique. It can be employed in the evaluation of product assembly and it determines whether the design can facilitate the assembly of the product with the aim of providing a foundation for the effective improvement of the designFigure 2 show s the redesigned pneumatic piston and it is with the worksheet that corresponds to the subassembly. When the worksheet of the original design and new design are compared, it is evident that in the new design, the assembly efficiency increased by 90 percent where the original design had 27 percent, assembly efficiency.