Design Fit to Target Audience

The design selected for this website includes a very dark color scheme incorporating mostly mid- to dark greys and shades of brown with some relief offered by bright lime green and red. The basic layout for the site is based on a vertical square with a horizontally-oriented logo graphic extending across the top of each page followed by another, smaller, horizontally-oriented grey box in which the six major links to pages within the site are located. This is followed by generally two graphics that depict the pollution being discussed in the larger grey box that fills the remainder of the page. In some cases, additional graphics and charts are made available for greater communication of the issue and each page contains a link to a dictionary that offers definitions for common pollution-related terms. This was deemed an effective design for communicating the seriousness of pollution because the images of the damage inflicted are quite powerful and entice the visitor to learn more about what is being said in the text areas.
The target audience for this website is teenagers and younger people of all genders as well as those people who are not very well-informed about pollution. The message of the site is intended to convey the global effects pollution has on everybody who lives on the planet, whether you are taking part in it or not, whether you care or not. Generally-speaking, this target group is apathetic to the larger issues of the world, being constantly distracted by the new media of the present generation, yet this is the demographic that can have the biggest impact on environmental concerns going into the future. It is for this reason that this particular target group was selected as the focus of this site. Although the dark colors may make it seem as if the site is targeted more toward.