Designing for IPhone 6

The associated advantages of iphone6 over other mobile devices are that it has a beautiful sleek design unlike other makes before it. The phone is endowed with a super high screen resolution which means that it has the potential of maximizing very small objects to fit a size that is easily viewable by an individual (Anthony). Iphone6 is endowed with a clever and rich ability feature that has worked towards solving one-handed user problems. Moreover, the size of an iPhone and its flexibility makes it easy to carry and nearly impossible to break even in an instance where it falls or is bent over respectively. An iPhone 6 also has an inbuilt tracker device system that allows the owner to track its whereabouts in case it gets stolen or lost. Furthermore, it is waterproof and owners need not worry about it falling in the water and getting destroyed, this is one feature that distinguishes this phone from the rest of other cutting end technology phones. Overall, iPhone 6’s build quality is excellent in that the buttons and switches are uniquely and effectively designed since they are firm, responsive to touch and ring tone produced is pleasing to the ear. The quality of the iphone6 is also not disputable because it’s engineered by anybody given to it during its design by Apple Company. The body of the phone6 is strengthened with a series of anodized aluminum, which prevents it from bending in any manner when being used by a customer or a client. Iphone6 also features stainless steel and titanium meaning that the body of the phone or other inner parts cannot catch rust whatsoever. Because of the high-quality software and physical materials used in its design, the iphone6, therefore, stands as a product of class among other products because its quality is nothing compared to those of other mobile devices.