Designing Networking (WAN)

To transfer a 972.222kb data in less than two minutes we can have an Internet connection which has an upload speed of 32kbps. If we take 256 kbps of access speed connectivity then down load would be 256 divided by 4 and upload would be 256 divided by 8. These are standard calculation to choose an Internet connection. If continuous connectivity is required then we can choose DSL connectivity or else a dial up connectivity would be sufficient. A 256kbps dial up connectivity can upload 32 kb per second that is equal to 1920 kb per minute which is 3840kb i.e 3.75mb for two minutes which exceeds our requirement. This type of connectivity is ideal for Fargo to Denver.
For a link to this configuration we need a DS3 dedicated link which can support a 45mb per second. This is the most ideal line type for the given data transfer. To have a DS3 link we need to have a multiplexer, router and a switch.
Switch = Cisco catalyst 4605 which can support more than 200 users. A 45 mbps dedicated link would be the cheapest and reliable line type from Minneapolis to Denver which does not need an Internet connection. This connectivity is called a tie line. The same can be used for even voice connectivity from Denver to Minneapolis.
For the St.Louis to Denver connectivity a 256 kpbs dial up connectivity would be an ideal line type. Since only a 100 kbps data transfer is needed. Dial up is advised since the connectivity needed is intermittent. The Nortel multiplexer is connected to a Cisco router and from there a Cisco switch is connected. From the switch we can many interfaces. Fargo and St.Louis connect to the main office through Internet. Only Minneapolis connect to Denver using a DS3 45 MBPS dedicated link.
Nortel 7480 multiplexer
WAN diagram showing four location connectivity
Data transfer calculations for St.Louis.
100kb = 100/1024 = 0.09mb. a 256 kbps dial up would far exceed the 100 kbps requirement.
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