Destiny in Human Life in the Films Grand Canyon Ground Hog Day and Christmas Carol



Destiny often refers to a pre-ordained course of events. In another sense, destiny is the pre-determined future of an individual. Many people believe that destiny is a preset course of events that is unavoidable and inflexible. Some regard it as fate which is something bound to happen. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has become the theme for many films because it is “a story that hits us somewhere deep down in our psyches, hence why we come back to it time and again.” (Jones, 1999). The events in the film reiterate the belief in destiny. The main character Ebenezer Scrooge is an old, bitter miser who works as a financier. He has only one aim in life that is to accumulate as much wealth as possible. The drastic changes this character undergoes, over the course of one evening, is the story’s plot. His business partner, Jacob Marley, died seven years ago. While Scrooge and his clerk Bob Cratchit work in the counting-house, his nephew Fred enters to wish and invite him to Christmas dinner. Scrooge treats his nephew with contempt by saying, “Bah! Humbug”. (Jones, 1999). Afterward, two portly-sized gentlemen come, asking donations for charity. Scrooge snubs them also. In the evening he goes back to the small suite where he lives, which is very cold and unfurnished. When he opens the door, instead of his door keeper he sees the ghostly face of Jacob Marley, who died seven years ago. This is just the beginning of the traumatic night for Scrooge. He hears very strange noises inside the house. While Scrooge eats his gruel, the ghost of Marley appears. He has come to warn Scrooge that he should reform otherwise he might have the same fate of Marley who is damned to walk in the earth in repentance. Marley informs Scrooge that he has a chance to escape his fate by acting according to the directions of three spirits who would visit him one by one that night. At exactly twelve o’clock he wakes up when the church bells strike twelve. A spirit who introduces himself as the ‘ghost of Christmas past’ appears before Scrooge and takes him to some of the saddest and happiest moments in Scrooge’s past.