Develop a Public Relations Campaign

The Riordan staff consists of 550 people and the company seeks to become a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace. Riordan has conducted research and believes that a strong business case exists for the employment of a diverse workforce. Effectively adopting and practicing diversity policies will benefit the company image, create greater attraction to potential employees, and reduce employment costs through improved retention in the workplace. A website reviewed by Riordan staff ( states that,
"A diverse team is a team in which every member of staff regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and regardless of how they operate, or what they look like are valued as an individual and not as a member of a group."
Adopting guidelines is the easy portion of the task, with approximately 550 employees, implementing a company-wide diversity initiative and gaining acceptance will prove to be difficult tasks. Riordan will have to place resources behind this initiative including Public Relations professional, support staff, and a measurement system. Currently, Riordan’s tracking and financial systems are not merged, meaning each facility operates independently and there is a very manual process of creating reports and accessing company information. This issue will need to be resolved and can be as a new software operating system has been identified but not approved for purchase. The diversity implementation can be used as further justification for the software.
Additionally, Riordan has four manufacturing facilities with one located in China and the other three located in various regions in the United States. Specific Public Relations strategies and tools must be used to ensure a seamless diversity integration process.
Riordan Manufacturing strives to be a solution provider for its customers and not be a part of its customers’ challenges. The company will maintain an innovative and team-oriented working environment. By assuring that its employees are well informed and properly supported, it will provide a climate focused on the long-term viability of the company.&nbsp.