Develop work priorities bsbcmn402a final assessment task a

SKILLS DEMONSTRATION AT WORK Experience Company: DeCA Central Distribution Center, Iwakuni MCAS Japan Material Handler /Assistant Work Leader Employment Period: July 1998 to Sept. 2008, 40 Hours/Week 1. Inventory Control:a. Responsible for accurately maintaining over 1300 line item section in a 8500 line item warehouse valued at more than 2.5 million dollars.b. Through the responsibility handled in keeping record of the different items that are released and kept within the area of warehousing system of the organization, the author of this skills demonstration paper realizes his capability to handle the pressure of keeping every number of items within the area into writing so as to ensure of the organization’s profit from the products that they are releasing to the market. Handling warehousing responsibility naturally made it easier for the author of this personal assessment paper to handle larger bulks of responsibilities later on.c. Since the author of this paper had been subjected to different responsibilities of assuring the value of the products of the organization as they are kept for warehousing purposes, it could be noted that he too has been able to find better ways to assure that the procurement of the said products are handled successfully giving fine returns for the organization.2. Materials Handling a. Palletizes product for shipment to prevent damage to product, prepares shipping documents / forms, and loads trucks according to contract standards.b. Virtually ran chill / freezer sections for 4 years. Received, stocked, stored, rotated, and shipped all products entering facility.c. Through coming up with a systematic sense of handling the materials that are used and distributed by the organization for better market service, the author of this assessment was able to further improve his capability to manage the process of keeping good care of the items that the organization give much importance to while securing the financial values of the company. 3. OHamp.S and site safety a. Performs duties as alternate safety advisor performs weekly and monthly fire extinguisher and emergency wash stations inspections in battery charging areas. The main idea of the enhancement of the capability to handle safety measures is to remain aware of the ways by which the equipments and other electrical appliances used by the organization for business operation are in top condition. Taking control of this responsibility enhances the awareness of the author making it easier for him to constantly assure of the safety he needs protecting himself and the people working around him. 4. Training amp. Development a. Assists with training 13 member warehouse team on Material Handling equipment (MHE). Duties include proper operation of MHE in Chill / Freezer sections.b. Educates workers on correct safety procedures and makes on the spot corrections to unsafe acts.c. Mentored three employees over last 2 years showing them the most efficient and safest way to perform such tasks as in-checking containers, rotating and stocking product, completing ‘cyclic’ and yearly inventories, and properly palletizing product on pallets for shipment. Besides building camaraderie with other workers in the organization, this particular task made the author a better leader assuring the capability of each company personnel to provide the best service needed by the business to remain at the top of the list of the companies competing within the said industry. 5. Problem Solving a. Has knowledge in all facets of warehouse operations with equal experience in ‘dry’ and ‘chill’ sections. Acts to prevent damage to product due to improper handling and excessive amounts of time outside of acceptable temperature ranges.b. Performs all assigned tasks with minimal amount of supervision. Carries out assigned duties on time with very few instances of reworkc. Through creating a strategic plan that would best fit the responsibilities that the author needed to handle such as that of protecting the products in the warehouse as well as inspecting the said items and keeping an inventory record of them for future company references has made it better for the author to develop the chance he needed to extend strategic planning in completing his responsibilities. 6. Conflict Resolution a. Through the training system that the author had been subjected to as part of his responsibility, he was able to successfully handle different conflicts in the organization while dealing with the issues that the new workers get involved in every now and then during the training days. This then made it possible for the author to be of guidance to the new ones in handling conflicts that they are likely to face in the future while working in the company. 7. Customer Service a. Correctly fills customer’s orders, ensures products requested have sufficient shelf life, and proper quantities are shipped. This particular task made the author rather highly concerned of the fact that he needs to provide the customers with the right kind of service that they deserve making it easier for the organization to gain better reputation on their target clients in the market. 8. Operation of DeCA Interactive Business System, Federal logistics system and all facets of Windows XP to a high proficiency a. Performed duties as a Supply Technician. Ordered perishable products for freezer and chill sections using DeCA Interactive Business System on a weekly basis. Maintained an average 98% in stock rate for 450 plus item section. This task mainly made the author more technically skilled. He was then able to enhance his understanding of logistics increasing his own capability of handling technical issues at work and even in his regular life.b. The three credits attained by the author with regards the Japanese language sure made it easier for the author of this assessment to increase his capability to communicate with the people at work as much as required to assure that he is able to create a fine environment at work that would work best for him and his working colleagues as well. c. Operates several different types of MHE to include forklifts (gasoline and battery powered), order pickers, battery powered pallet jacks as well as refrigerated and non-refrigerated delivery trucks. Through experiencing the responsibilities on utilizing and controlling forklifts, the author of this assessment became better physically controlled as well as mentally aware of the tons of products which he is most responsible for. This then even made him more careful at work as he takes charge of the forklifts for the operation continuation of the business. d. Instrumental in warehouse being recognized as best warehouse in western region 2007. Because of being able to find the right way and the right strategy to help the organization in winning the award of the best warehouse in 2007, the author is certainly capable of accepting a Class C Australian license considering the fact that he did have the right experiences needed to garner this particular certification from the government.