Development in the Current System of the U S Government from the Point of View of the Founding Fathers

Changes in the constitution can have a lot of repercussions for the countrymen. It determines the rights of every citizen, be it be a minority or a Black. It was in effect from 17th September 1787 in Philadelphia. Being the oldest Federal constitution in existence, we can expect it to have been amended the most with changing times. It has been in subsistence for long and the effect of many shifting eras would be prominent in it.
The Founding Fathers are those who framed the constitution and had a say in the Declaration of Independence. The Forefathers were a figure of 55 men who represented the great leadership that America received in the 18th century. Each one of them was a prominent and important individual in their own sphere. They all were well-educated and had been participating actively in national affairs. Drafting the constitution was no minor responsibility. They put all their energy and brains in coming up with the best possible constitution. Whether it was the Revolution or the U.S. Army, most of them had powerful positions of command in these areas. Their far-reaching political experience and the sweat they put in making the Constitution would make them reluctant to accept changes in it. But the number of editions and supplements that are now available of the United States Consitution speaks loud and clear that the Founding Fathers would definitely be hit with ground-breaking realities of changing times and the resultant mold of their dear Constitution.
The Constitution was laid down with seven major articles, one each for legislative power, executive power, judicial power, states’ powers and limits, a process of amendments, federal power, and ratification. Whether it was the manner of elections or the qualifications for office, the kinds of cases that may be heard by the federal judiciary or the relationship amongst the states, the process needed to go through for amendments in the Constitution or the amount of federal power in the hands of the leaders, the requirements for ratification of the Constitution the Founding Fathers had decided it all!&nbsp.