Development needs analysis

Within the educational part of the career there are discrepancies that exist in the presentation of the theoretical training from what one experiences on the job. This difference can be narrowed through changing the delivery of the educational training which is provided to people in seeking to improve their performance while on the job.
Within the professional life, I intend to practice the things which I have learnt during my educational training while also enhancing my knowledge in my professional field. Through the practice of the things learnt, I hope to be able to achieve my career objectives and be able to improve my performance through enhancing my skills. While learning enhances the knowledge practice improves the individual skill which one has and be able to perform the allocated functions effectively. Improvement of the skill and knowledge is critical in the development of my employability skills and the improvement of performance. There is need to integrate the materials learnt in theory with the practical career aspects in seeking to ensure the comprehensiveness of the development of the career of an individual. Matching the educational theories with the professional requirements is critical in improvement of the job performance.
The skills utilised in preforming many of the activities assigned on the job require an individual to have educational knowledge before applying the knowledge in a practical situation. The skills can be delivered through different approaches which will be able to enhance the acquisition aspect. This will be able to ensure the individuals gains sufficient knowledge in the various element which are critical (Esteves &amp. Vanclay, 2009). Since the job involves and requires different levels of skills improvement and a continuous learning environment becomes critical in ensure the learner continues to have the best possible information and which matches the required professional skills.