“Development Program of Marks&amp

Spencer"In order to meet the organizational objective of providing increased satisfaction to the customers by offering products of superior quality and an efficient service in more attractive surroundings that are comfortable to the customers a continuous stores development program on the part of Marks &amp. Spencer is the most important factor to decide on the expansion and modernization of their stores locations. Apart from the customer satisfaction from the commercial angle also when there is an opportunity for increased profitability resulting from such relocation the company would as well take it up to get the advantage. In the instant case, the new location Kendal being a busy market town as well as a popular tourist area in Cumbria offered excellent prospects of increased sales activity. Existing sales performances proposed selling space available, local customer profile, size of the catchment of the population and local competition are some of the other deciding factors that will influence the decision about the project.
The major obstacle was the climatic factor as then&nbsp.the new location Kendal was getting more rains that may obstruct the flow of work to a great extent.
The initial preparation of the site by the contractor may also pose an issue though not a major one. It was necessary to get all the statutory clearances by giving notices abiding by the requirements of public notice periods so that if there are any objections from the public. Another issue in the way of the progress of the project was the important building regulations approval required was for the changes in the elevation involving design changes and relocation of entrances. One of the major obstacles faced was in the issue of the opening dates so that the sales during the festive season were not missed. However, the project team did not want to rush up and end in doing wrong things.
Discussion and Evaluation:
As outlined earlier the organizational objective of Marks &amp. Spencer in improving customer satisfaction and thereby achieving enhanced profitability was aimed to be achieved through this relocation project. The major deciding factor in favor of the project is the location of the new site which is a business town as well as a tourist spot which offers a twin advantage for improving the sales of the company. Moreover, the geographical location also went in favor of the decision to relocate. When both these factors are combined in any retail store relocation, the project is bound to result in remarkable success. A lot of inputs in the form of studying the existing&nbsp.sales potential and the possibilities of improving upon them. the local customer profile and their product preferences. the selling space available in the proposed new location and a proper allocation of the floor space for the different departments. and a compete for study of the competition from the existing vendors and the impact of such competition in the proposed sales target of the company went in to the decision to go on with the project of relocation of the stores.