Differences between macro and micro

Micro vs Macro The basic difference between micro and macro is that micro is on a very small level and can be identified or observed while on the other hand macro is on a large level and cannot be easily identified or observed.There are several micro and macro systems which have their own explanations, definitions and differences. Some of these systems are as follows.a) Macro and micro economic.b) Macro and micro analysisc) Macro and micro evolutionsd) Macro and micro climatese) Macro and micro influences. There are many others in the list as well, but almost every one of these areas or fields have some basic resemblance while referencing to macro and micro.For explaining the difference between macro and micro following are the two examples taken from two different fields.EconomicsThe field of economic is divided in two parts i.e. macroeconomic and microeconomic. Microeconomics is the study of individual household’s behavior .decision making of firms on the distribution of limited resources. It can be simplified by saying that microeconomic is the study of markets. (Fogiel )On the other hand macroeconomics is by and large focuses on nationwide or global economy. It mainly deals with the study of economic activity, and issues like inflation and growth and unemployment.EvolutionMicroevolution is a phenomenon that deals with the study of evolution of specie within its gene pool. For example, a dog having pups of unusual colors.On the other hand macroevolution is the study of phenomenon in which a huge change occurs i.e. evolution of specie to newer specie. For example evolution of life from water, evolution of horse from a dog likes creature. Although these changes were never seen by anyone but still are being researched and studied.Summary:1. The common difference between macro and micro is that micro is defines relationships, and characteristics at very smaller level while macro define them to a broader scale.2. One can observer macro changed while micro changes are not observed until they occurred. Works CitedFogiel, M. Microeconomics. Piscataway, N.J: Research amp. Education Association,2000. Print.